Beauty of life

Beauty of life

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


How can some people just not care about how other people feel they just think about themselves. we were all raised better then that wernt we? Sometimes its not always people its are pasts that make us broken and nothing we do helps fix are broken hearts except forgiving but still it doesnt mean you will forget or still be hurt from it. But we have to remember that what has happened has only made us stronger and made us who we are. And your not alone theres somebody out there that has got your back even if you dont think there is belive me there is. So what helps you with being oh so damn broken what do you do to try and move on because you cannot give up because that is not a choice and never will be you just have to try hard and then harder and kick some ass. Even if you feel the weakest of weak... Don't give up. Even though your broken..

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