Beauty of life

Beauty of life

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hey guys sorry i havent updated in a while last time i posted was before my surgery which was last wed it went ok i was supper nervous. Lets just say itsscary er nurses come in you get in a wheel chare then arrive to the er theres a bunch of doctors you get on to this narrow table and all these doctors are asking you questions and hooking up stuff at the same time its overwhelming and hearing the heart monitor kinda freaked me out. I dont remeber much when they put me to sleep all i know was when i woke up my throat was sore and i was nasuas and in pain i kept on drifting in and out of sleep and my heart was pounding. i was in recovery for a while and my mom said i was saying funny thing but i dont remeber. when i went ack to my room i was so sick i couldnt lift my head with out wanting to vomit they had me on so much meds i couldnt keep anything down and i was in pain. Not gonna share much more of the 1st few days cuz i was sick.. But now a week and two days after my surgery im better still in some pain but better, have a long recovery ahead the sad part is this has a high chance of not working.. ugh. and we wont know if it worked or not untill my testing in three months.. again ughhh. crossing my fingers & hoping for the best.

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